Workforce Development in the Dairy Industry

Newborn Calf Care Flyer Workforce development is about building the knowledge, skills, and effectiveness of the people who help drive a business, an industry, and ultimately an economy. It's founded on the belief that you just can't have a great business without great people. Much of agriculture is struggling to have enough great people right … Continue reading Workforce Development in the Dairy Industry

Performance Review: Needs Improvement

A lot of companies are working on their midyear performance reviews right now. Unfortunately, that process has become a huge drain of time, energy, and motivation in too many organizations. In fact, many companies are moving away from performance reviews with large majorities of employees pushing for a change. The problem is that too many … Continue reading Performance Review: Needs Improvement

Dairy Immigration Bill Introduced

  Wisconsin Congressman Introduces Act to Expand H2A Program Interesting article about the DAIRY Act, introduced by a Wisconsin congressman to expand the H2A program to include dairy farms. H2A is the current program that can provide temporary, foreign labor for seasonal operations such as orchards, nurseries, and vegetable producers. Dairy farms are excluded from … Continue reading Dairy Immigration Bill Introduced