Dairy Immigration Bill Introduced

  Wisconsin Congressman Introduces Act to Expand H2A Program Interesting article about the DAIRY Act, introduced by a Wisconsin congressman to expand the H2A program to include dairy farms. H2A is the current program that can provide temporary, foreign labor for seasonal operations such as orchards, nurseries, and vegetable producers. Dairy farms are excluded from … Continue reading Dairy Immigration Bill Introduced

Group Process is Fascinating!

Process Consultation by Edgar H. Schein I've been getting a lot of opportunities lately to facilitate¬†small groups of farm owners¬†and managers. My background is in Organization Development (OD) and I am so grateful for the training I received in process consultation during my Ph.D program at Penn State. One of the core textbooks that we … Continue reading Group Process is Fascinating!

Prepare for Immigration Enforcement

Producers should take time to audit and correct their employee documentation just in case some form of immigration enforcement takes place. This article from Western Grower's, a producer organization in California and Arizona is helpful. I am available to help producers audit and correct their own employee documentation. Contact me to discuss.

Contingency Planning: What if immigrant workers are not available?

I have talked with many farmers over the years who firmly state that they would not be in business if it weren't for immigrant workers. They will also firmly repeat the familiar line that "Americans just won't do this type of work." We may be heading for a time when the truth of both of … Continue reading Contingency Planning: What if immigrant workers are not available?