Group Process is Fascinating!

Process Consultation by Edgar H. Schein

I’ve been getting a lot of opportunities lately to facilitate small groups of farm owners and managers. My background is in Organization Development (OD) and I am so grateful for the training I received in process consultation during my Ph.D program at Penn State. One of the core textbooks that we used was by Edgar Schein who developed the concept of process consultation almost 50 years ago. I shared the link to his book, Process Consultation, because this is essential reading for anyone who seriously wants to understand how groups of people work.

It is personally rewarding as a facilitator to see a group progress from low levels of trust to much higher levels. To see communications expanding among group members, and to see relationships growing right before your eyes as group members come to know and understand each other on completely different levels. I like to take on the tough challenges and there’s nothing better than working with groups through interpersonal and relationship challenges that some thought could never be discussed, much less resolved.

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