Human Resource Management is Critical to Animal Care

The dairy industry continues to deal with the fallout from undercover videos that apparently show animal abuse on two Florida dairies. Dairy Herd Management published an article and extensive video of a press conference by Southeast Milk Inc. In the video, Jim Sleper, CEO of Southeast Milk, emphasizes that they will be training their member farm owners on human resource management (HRM) practices such as employee supervision, training, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and job descriptions, among other things.

He’s right about the need for these basic HRM tools, and it’s a shame that the industry had to suffer such a black eye because these two dairies apparently weren’t managing their people effectively.

But, it’s going to take more than these basic HRM tools to advance the industry to where we need to be. The tools are useless without craftspeople who know how to use them. That’s where leadership and management development comes in. We need leaders, from the owners to frontline supervisors, who know how to use the HRM tools and know how to establish a culture that cares for animals and people every day.

© 2017 Richard Stup

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