Tech to Help Manage People, Join My Webinar!

Webinar: October 26th at 1:30 PM EST, Sign up here!

All the way back to my days with Penn State Extension, people would ask for a tool to help them with scheduling. Using Excel or paper is a pain and it’s always out of date as soon as someone switches a shift. When I started Ag Workforce Development, I was still getting the same question.

I thought, “there’s gotta be an app for that.” Turns out there is, I found the Deputy Deputy_TM_stacked logos-bluesoftware which is great for scheduling, but also handles timesheets (no more time clock or timesheet abuse), and integrates directly with payroll software. That integration with payroll save a huge amount of time that people spend adding up and figuring out how many hours people actually worked.

But wait… there’s more! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that.)

Deputy also helps with:

  • Communications. It has great features for communicating with individual or the whole team.
  • Task Management. Supervisors can assign tasks quickly and easily to employees, right from their smartphone. When the job is done, the employee clicks it as complete. It’s great for making sure, and having a record, that important jobs got done.
  • Employee Records. It’s a very simple system for keeping up-to-date HR records about employees.
  • Performance Management. It has features to help supervisors keep notes about employee performance and provide much better feedback. I believe feedback is the most important job for a supervisor.
  • Allocating labor hours and costs. HR and financial nerds like me want to know where the business is spending all that money on labor. I’m working with clients to easily and automatically track where the hours are spent so that we can later measure and manage that labor better.

I’m hosting a free webinar with Deputy this Thursday, October 26 at 1:30 EST. Our special guest is my client, Nate Richard of Roaring Creek Egg Farm, who has been using Deputy since the beginning of the year. Sign up here!

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