Internal I-9 Audits, I’m here to help

Judge's gavelProgressive Dairyman recently published an article called “Why and how you should be doing I-9 practice audits.” I think this is an excellent practice. I-9 is a tricky form that does require some judgment to get right. In our current enforcement environment it is easy for a business person to have some faulty practices in place that leaves them wide open to major fines, serious business interruption, or even criminal charges. The article recommends that business owners conduct internal audits to check that their current practices meet legal standards.

I developed a service for business owners to help them conduct internal audits of not only their I-9 practices but also most of their other state and federal employment law requirements. I’ve already uncovered numerous situations with illegal employment practices that could have carried significant fines and left the business open to lawsuits. When we find problems, I work with the business owners to bring their practices into better legal compliance.

I’m not an attorney but I do have a solid understanding of employment law; my recommendations are offered from a business practice point of view. I also cooperate regularly with attorneys who specialize in employment and immigration law on any questions that go beyond my legal knowledge.

If you could use help with an internal employment practices audit, including I-9 practices, I’m here to help. Reach me at: or

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