“Our farm and business has grown over the years.  We continue to hire more employees and they have less farm experience.  It was becoming harder to consistently train and educate employees on our policies and tasks.   We decided we needed a concrete plan to introduce our policies and reinforce our training.  Rich was able to develop a solid employee handbook and job descriptions that focused on general ideas while breaking down into specific applications on our farm.  Rich was also able to produce visual aids for routine jobs at our farm.  The visual aids are a silent reminder for each employee as they learn their new jobs.  Finally we worked on pay scales and related benefit plans, to give more consistency within our workforce.  When we started the project it looked very daunting, but Rich simplified the process and took a lot of the leg work out of it for me.  Human Resources was something I knew we needed to address but never wanted to tackle it on my own.  Rich provided the expertise and guidance I was looking for.” – Donny Bartch, Owner/Manager, Merrimart Farms

― Merrimart Farms